How to Be Fashionable When Wearing Outdoor Outfits

Forget the idea that when you are going camping, hunting or hiking, you can dress in tatters and still walk outside. You can still be fashionable while engaging in outdoor activities. There are many ways you can make your outdoor outfits stylish.

Buy Durable Clothes

The activities when engaging in outdoor pursuits are brutal. Moreover, you will find yourself getting scratched by shrubs, or having to frequently wash your clothes due to the dust and mud which you encounter while you are out. If you buy low-quality garments, it will not take time before they get torn and faded, making you look bad. If you want to appear fashionable, invest in nice outdoor clothes that will still look new after a season of engaging in many activities. If you don’t really have enough money to buy new durable clothes, you can check out second-hand clothing shops.

Go Neutral

One way of looking fashionable is by going for neutral colours, such as grey or black. These colours always have a way of making you look put together. Your shoes should also be a monochrome colour unless you are deliberately going for colourful attire and functionality.

Get a Good Fit

Wrong fitting attire can make you look tacky. If you want to look fashionable in outdoor outfits, it is essential for you to get the perfect fit. Overly tight attire will not only look horrible, but it will be awfully uncomfortable. If it is too baggy, it will also look off and may be an inconvenience when you engage in activities. A good fit makes you look fashionable. If you are shopping for outfits online, make sure that you read the reviews to know if the clothes are an exact fit, or if you need to size up or down. It is always advisable to try out the garments before you buy.


Just because you are going for outdoor activities does not mean you cannot accessorise your attire. As long as they are practical, such as having a nice leather watch on your wrist, you can have it with you.

You should also think about buying a good pair of sunglasses and hats which act as a shield against the sun. Even though you may want to have accessories, you should not wear items such as pendants, necklaces and other items that may impede your movement and become a health hazard.